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Ensure BC of Your Meeting Venues During the Upcoming Hurricane Season

For the 2019 hurricane season, researchers have predicted that a total of 13 to 16 named storms will develop in the Atlantic ocean. As stated by the individuals who have released these reports, this is considered to be a ‘normal’ number. With hurricane season beginning June 1st, now is the time to start preparing your business for the potential of damaging weather. If your business will be planning a meeting or special corporate event in an area that commonly sees hurricanes, there are some key venue selection tips to use for this upcoming summer and fall.

Select a Venue That is as Inland as Possible
When looking for a corporate meeting venue that is situated in a coastal location, take care to select a building that will naturally provide more protection than others for your team and business equipment in the event that you must stay in place for the weather event. Rather than booking a location that is near the water, find a spot in the city that is as inland as possible. Additionally, look up the city’s flood zone maps online. Although these maps are primarily used for housing and insurance purposes, they can also show you which of the venues you are considering will be least likely to see flooding.

Speak With Venue Staff About Their Hurricane Policies
Whether you are planning a 1-2 day meeting, or a week long retreat, you are going to be committing substantial funds and effort toward your event. Depending on the venue you reserve, and the timing of the hurricane’s arrival, you may not be able to get some (or any) of your money back. This is especially problematic if your paying participants are unable to attend, and expect a refund. Before reserving any coastal meeting venue, be sure that you speak with the staff about their inclement weather policies. Get the answers to specific questions such as the following: “do you have a hurricane evacuation policy?,” “do you remain open in the event of a hurricane?,” “what facilities will be open and available in case of a hurricane?,” “what circumstances will a full or partial refund be granted?,” and “do I need to purchase insurance with the booking to be eligible for a refund?”

Take Steps to Protect Important Documents and Equipment
Each year, the average hurricane causes roughly $21.6 billion dollars in damage. In the event that you are required to stay in place during a hurricane, there is a real possibility that damage may occur to the items you bring with you. You must be prepared for the possibility that projectors, computers, vehicles, contracts, and other important documents, may be lost during the weather event. In order to mitigate the risks, bring the minimum amount of items with you to the meeting venue. Additionally, it is wise to choose a venue that offers various ways to protect your items, such as fire/flood proof safes, elevated parking structures, and storage for larger equipment.

Even though you cannot control the weather, you can control the meeting venues you select in coastal regions. By choosing a more inland location that doesn’t flood as easily, ensuring that your venue has fair and reasonable hurricane policies, and finding a venue that can help you protect your organization’s documents and equipment, you can greatly reduce the risk of loss to your business.

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