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Enhanced Rave Platform Unifies Critical Response and Collaboration Experience

Rave Mobile Safety has announced the new Rave Platform experience, which centralizes critical response and collaboration functions in a single unified interface to streamline communication, coordination, and task management during time-critical events.

As the industry’s only comprehensive safety platform, Rave enables those tasked with protecting their communities with the ability to address the challenges of critical communications, incident collaboration, safety and protection and 9-1-1 response holistically.

The new enhancements deliver an easy to use, powerful platform for critical communication and collaboration including:

  • An intuitive, unified interface for an enriched user experience
  • Best-in-class multi-modal critical communications for engaging with residents, students and employees
  • Powerful situational awareness and incident collaboration tools for more effective response
  • Data sharing and two-way communications for improved 911 response
  • Personal safety applications for immediate response, increased engagement and confidential tip sharing

Superior Ease of Use with Unified Platform Experience
Developed with extensive user input and vetted by customers, the Rave Platform’s intuitive user interface addresses the need to unite the critical response and collaboration experience under one customizable, user-friendly umbrella. The platform eliminates the need for separate interfaces for different solutions, and improves the visibility of capabilities across Rave’s critical communication and collaboration tools.

Improved Incident Response with Robust Task Management and Automation
A rapid and coordinated response in the chaotic first few minutes and hours of an incident is critical to reducing the impact of an emergency and ensuring the most positive outcome. New capabilities for enhancing incident collaboration are now available in the Rave Platform to enforce process compliance, assign critical tasks, provide scenario-specific resources and track event-based activities.

To learn more about the Rave Platform, visit

Read the full announcement here.

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