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Email Scam Alert: Top Phishing Subject Lines

Review or Quick Review. FYI. Unauthorized login attempt. Your recent Chase payment notice to. Important: (1) NEW message from. Assist Urgently. You’ve no doubt received an email with one of these subject lines. But they’re just a few of the top email phishing subject lines scammers are using that put organizations at risk from cyberattacks.

According to Webroot Threat Report, an estimated 1.5 million new phishing sites pop-up each month. That’s bad news for companies and consumers alike, but it shines a spotlight on just how important it is for employees to be ready to spot bogus emails, starting with the subject lines.

In this post from the SoS Daily News, the Stickley on Security cyber experts discuss the importance of organizations in ramping up their efforts to educate employees on how prevent cyberattacks like ransomware and other devastating malware that start with phishing emails.

Read full article here via the SoS Daily News.

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