Continuity Insights Management Conferences.

The Continuity Insights Management Conferences are the only events designed for experienced, senior-level business continuity and resilience professionals.


facility resilience webinar

From Prevention To Action: The Role Of Facilities Management In Handling Emergencies And Maintenance

Continuity Insights Staff

This free webinar on facility resilience will provide actionable strategies to safeguard assets, protect lives, and ensure operational continuity.

Community Resilience

FEMA Releases Fact Sheet On Community Resilience

Continuity Insights Staff

FEMA is looking to build connections between art, culture, and emergency management for collective community resilience.

Business Continuity Webinar

Webinar: How To Explain Business Continuity To Executives, ERM Professionals

Continuity Insights Staff

View this free video webinar and learn how to articulate the value of connecting business continuity and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).


climate change, workplace violence

Listen Now: Climate Change’s Impact On Violence

Continuity Insights Staff

A behavioral risk expert discusses how climate change is impacting human behavior, creating an increased risk of workplace violence.


Listen Now: Preparing For The Copper Line Sunset

Continuity Insights Staff

This podcast explores what the copper line sunset is, what devices will be impacted, and what this means for building operations.

Five Security Threats To Watch Out For During The 2024 Paris Olympic Games

With AI On The Rise, Scammers Are Devising New Hacking And Phishing Methods In An Effort To Obtain Consumer Information In Time For The Olympic Games.

11 States Launch Critical Incident Mapping Laws For Schools

Critical Incident Mapping
To enable effective emergency response in schools, 11 states have passed critical incident mapping initiatives. More states are set to follow.

Master Resilience At CIMC 2024

CIMC 2024
Find out what’s new at this year’s Continuity Insights Management Conference, taking place in Charlotte, NC May 6-8.

Importance Of Online Security Awareness Grows, Cybersecurity Training Lags

Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Just in time for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Oh Behave! The Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report 2023 examines key cybersecurity behaviors, attitudes and trends.

Free Training For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 

To celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, NINJIO’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training (CSAT) platform is free for October.

Continuity Insights: 5 Business Resiliency Standard Takeaways

Carol DeLatte, Exeter Finance, discusses her session topic for the 21st Annual Continuity Insights Management Conference: Business resiliency, business continuity, and disaster recovery standards.

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