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Earth Networks Introduces the EN Weather Academy

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Earth Networks has announced the launch of its Weather Academy, a new source for engaging online meteorology courses, taught by professional degreed meteorologists. The Academy is the perfect online tool for everyone from those who are just curious about the weather to those who have to make critical weather-related decisions at work.

The Weather Academy is a comprehensive 90-minute, Introductory to Weather course with nearly a dozen mini lessons. An expert from Earth Networks’ team of meteorologists leads each mini lesson to give each session a personalized feel.

The Introductory to Weather course covers everything from identifying weather fronts to how to do your own daily weather briefing. After finishing the course you will:

  • Become a weather map expert and learn how to think like a meteorologist when looking at things like radar, satellite, and temperature rates
  • Know how to identify several conditions like heat waves, cold fronts, severe storms, and more
  • Understand how to plan for upcoming dangerous weather by estimating arrival times, accessing NWS alerts, and determining flood risk
  • Know how to use real-time lightning data to estimate storm strength, direction, and speed

Enrollment in the Academy is free to all BC/DR professionals. Register here.

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