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Duplicating Institutional Knowledge When It “Walks Out the Door”

Every day when a good employee leaves their job, they’re “walking out the door” with a very valuable asset. They leave with the valuable information they learned about their jobs, or what you trained them on. Whether it be only for a year or so, or if it was for more than 20 years, they leave with their institutional knowledge or memory. This is what happens to an organization loses its best, brightest, most experienced and knowledgeable employees.

Dr. Andrew Pena, SPHR, MBA, Assistant Vice-President for Human Resources, New Mexico State University, will share his experience and insights on this increasingly crucial topic – Institutional Knowledge! When Good Employees Leave, What Do We Really Lose and How Do We Retain It? during the opening keynote to the 2017 Continuity Insights Management Conference.

Keep in mind, that not all employee turnover is “bad” turnover. Sometimes, there are employees that we’d like to leave sooner rather than later. But regardless of the good or bad types of turnover, what we’re finding is that these employees are leaving work with a substantial amount of work, business, and operational knowledge that will be difficult to replace or duplicate if internal systems to retain or document this type of knowledge are non-existent.

As this year’s Keynote Speaker, Dr. Pena, arrives with more than 31 years of professional human resources management experience in both the public and private sectors. In addition to his current role as the Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Services at the New Mexico State University, he is the author of several papers and articles on proactively retaining corporate generational and institutional knowledge.

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