Disaster Recovery

Preparing For Disaster: Designing The Last Building Standing

Learn how mission-critical facilities are designed to be the most resilient buildings.

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emergency operations centers
Business Risk
— 2 min read

Extreme Weather Tops Business Security Concerns

Cyber attacks, supply chain disruptions, and the upcoming election are also among top business security concerns for owners when It comes to insurance coverage.

Extreme Fire Risk
— 2 min read

Frequency Of Extreme Fire Risk In The U.S. Now 20X Greater

Levels of widespread extreme fire risk which used to occur once every 100 years will now occur every five, predicts Deep Sky.

Water Damage Restoration
— 3 min read

How To Select A Water Damage Restoration Partner

Hiring a water damage restoration company? Ask these four questions to ensure a seamless and thorough response to any water damage incident.

Disaster Recovery
Enterprise Risk 
Crisis Management

Webinars, Podcasts & Videos

facility resilience webinar

From Prevention To Action: The Role Of Facilities Management In Handling Emergencies And Maintenance

This free webinar on facility resilience will provide actionable strategies to safeguard assets, protect lives, and ensure operational continuity.

nuclear energy

Is New Nuclear Energy Creating Greater National Security Risks?

Proliferation and nuclear terrorism are top national security risks; sabotage, coercion and military operations pose other risks, according to new GWU report. 


LOCKBIT RANSOMWARE VARIANT Disrupted By United States, United Kingdom

Control of public-facing websites and administrative servers used by LockBit to connect to the organization’s infrastructure has been seized.

Editor’s Pick

Phishing, Spear Phishing, Ransomware Are Top Threats As Volume Of Cyber Attacks Rises

Businesses continue proactive cyber resilience measures as cyber attacks become increasingly more prevalent.

Deloitte Releases Predictions For Financial Services Industry

Deloitte explored emerging trends across the financial services industry over the next three to five years.

Can Dogs Really Predict Earthquakes?

Dogs Predict Earthquakes
In Lima, Peru, dogs are playing a critical role in a new approach to early earthquake warnings and public safety.

Jersey City Medical Center Completes Flood Resiliency Project

Jersey City Medical Center Floodproof
Conti Federal’s micro-resiliency solution reduced costs for the flood proofing project at Jersey City Medical Center, minimizing disruptions and delivering the project on time.

Business Leaders, Americans Align Around New Strategies To Offset Risk 

economic instability
New Milken Institute-Harris Poll reveals struggles leaders face as they navigate through economic instability, tech disruptions, and societal shifts. 

Disaster Preparedness: Mapping Global Flash Drought Trends

Flash droughts
Flash droughts are emerging as formidable challenges to global water and food security, complicating disaster preparedness efforts.

Listen Now: Decision-Making During A Crisis

adaptive decision-making
Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D, Founder and Principal of Emperiria discusses his research on adaptive decision-making in this podcast.

Strongest Earthquake In 250 Years Rocks East Coast

earthquake damage
Even if there’s no visible damage, here are 15 hints on how to check your facilities for hidden earthquake damage, courtesy of FEMA.

The Impact Of Extreme Weather Events On Interior Design

extreme weather interior design
A new report from ASID and CIRI explores the effects of extreme weather and climate events on interior design.

AccuWeather Forecasters Predict ‘Explosive’ 2024 Hurricane Season

2024 hurricane season
AccuWeather’s meteorologists believe the 2024 hurricane season has the potential to break the all-time record of 30 named storms in one season.

Treasury Report: Managing AI-Specific Cybersecurity Risks In The Financial Sector

Financial Services
New Treasury report identifies challenges AI presents the financial services sector; outlines 10 steps to address immediate AI-related operational risk, cybersecurity, fraud challenges.

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