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Cyberwarfare Statistics: A Decade of Geopolitical Attacks

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By Joe Robinson, Privacy Affairs:

There have been almost 500 documented geopolitical cyber attacks around the world since 2009. Making cyberwarfare a major technological threat to nations and their citizens.

In this Privacy Affairs article, data privacy and cyber security expert Joe Robinson breaks down some of the numbers and provides insight into the nature of these attacks, where they originate from, and who they’re targeting.

Key observations

  • Between 2009 and 2018 there was a 440% increase in global cyberwarfare attacks.
  • 30% originated in China or Russia.
  • 26.3% targetted the USA.
  • 27% of attacks on the USA occurred in 2018.

Robinson’s full report analyzes:

Click on the individual links above for a detailed analysis of each topic or click here to read the report in full via Privacy Affairs.

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