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Cyber insurance and identity threat detection and response: partners in resilience

Cyber insurance is an important tool in overall cyber resilience, but obtaining it, and ensuring that any claims will be paid out, requires ongoing attention to other defensive areas. One of these is identity threat detection and response, and in particular the protection of Active Directory. James Doggett explains further…

Given the rise of ransomware, breaches, and cyber attacks – and the accompanying risk of reputational damage, compliance violations, penalties, and IP loss – many organizations look to cyber insurance to protect themselves from the financial damage associated with an attack. However, some are struggling with the escalating cost of cyber insurance and the need to demonstrate a strong security posture.

The potentially exorbitant cost of such claims and the complexity of safeguarding increasingly complex digital ecosystems means that such coverage can be pricey. Plus, qualifying for a policy isn’t a given. Even with coverage, organizations that suffer an attack can find that an oversight in their security stance leaves them with a rejected claim. Therefore, relying solely on cyber insurance to protect your IP, customer data, and public reputation is a risky bet.

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