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Cyber Attacks Happen… And Often – How Does Your Cyber Security Stack Up?

When you search for ‘cyber breach’ on Google News, what do you find? A handful of recent cyber breach incidents identified through a recent Google New search on “cyber breach” include: Atlanta’s massive cyber breach and the lessons learned; Cyber breach at Saks Fifth Ave, Lord & Taylor puts millions at risk; and Cyber breach against Baltimore’s 911 dispatch system under investigation.

Your search will not yield the same results, but the common denominator will be the same: Cyber attacks impact all organizations – large, small, public, private and in all industries.

A cyber breach will impact an organization on many levels, including human, operational, reputational, and financial. While studies vary with anywhere from 65 to 80 percent, suffice it to say that a large percentage of businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees have been hacked. The chance of a breach striking an organization increases every day. A hacker needs one access point into an organization’s information to create a cyber crisis. What can a business do to protect the organization and people within?

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