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Crisis Communications: How to Optimize Social Media and Broadcast Media Use

During an incident, the news media can help you deliver the proper warnings and messages, however it can also hurt your organization’s reputation if not properly utilized. This new webinar from Assurance Software will provide guidance for interfacing with the media during an incident. Case studies of both success and failures will be included. The session will also examine various social media platforms and how to best use each to your organization’s advantage.

The broadcast is scheduled for Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Duane Hagelgans, Professor of Emergency Management at Millersville University, and Melissa Rhodes, Customer Community Manager for Assurance Software, will be the webinar presenters.

Disaster recovery, business continuity executives, risk management, operations executives, directors, and managers who attend will learn:

  • Recommended uses of social media prior to and during an event
  • Timing of messages to appropriately notify the community
  • How to create and maintain relationships with the media
  • Lessons learned from those that utilized outside communication during events

Industry professionals can register here.

About the Presenter: Dr. Duane Hagelgans has been involved in emergency services for over 40 years. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Emergency Management at Millersville University.  He has been working and volunteering in the field of emergency management for over 20 years.  He retired in 2011 from the City of Lancaster, Bureau of Fire, where he held numerous positions including Emergency Management Coordinator.  He has been appointed as the Emergency Management Coordinator for a regional emergency management zone in Millersville Borough and Manor Township. Dr. Hagelgans currently serves on the South Central Pa. Counter Terrorism Task Force (SCTF), an eight county regional emergency management task force, and volunteers for the Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency as the Public Information Officer.

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