Creating an Effective Resiliency Program

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Where does crisis management end and business continuity begin? Where does BCP report? What are the critical components of an effective resiliency program?

Join David Strumpf, Senior Principal of the Promontory Financial Group, as he presents “How to Create an Effective Resiliency Program” at the Continuity Insights 2017 New York Conference taking place October 23-24 at the TKP Conference Center in New York City.

His discussion will focus on the life cycle of a sound business resiliency strategy and program, with an in-depth review of key topics, such as the aforementioned ‘Where does crisis management end and business continuity begin?,’ as well as program governance (Where does BCP report? Working groups vs. steering committees, management support, and oversight), critical components (e.g., BIA/risk assessments , tools), training and testing, and tabletop programs (from simple departmental tabletops to large scale disasters), metrics and reporting, and regulatory compliance.

View the official Continuity Insights 2017 New York Conference program.

Continuity Insights

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