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COVID-19 – Lockdown, Free Crisis Management Exercise Available From Crisis Guardian

In preparation for the next phase of COVID-19, business continuity education, training, and awareness specialists Crisis Guardian, have released a free crisis management exercise giving organizations the opportunity to prompt their crisis teams to consider the current and future impacts of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 – Lockdown exercise is designed to help companies look ahead to the issues you may be facing as the current situation unfolds. The exercise explores: prolonged challenges of staff absences and remote working, infrastructure lock downs, intensified information and cyber security risks, physical security threats to premises, civil unrest, the potential for utilities failure, future business opportunities, and practical tips to get ahead to protect employees and customers.

The lockdown exercise will provide an insight as to what the long-term implications of COVID-19 might be, allow you to think about your response to these implications, and how you might be able to help your employees and your customers, and challenge your planning assumptions for a long-term pandemic situation.

Crisis Guardian host the COVID-19 exercise on its crisis management exercising platform, CGX, which includes exclusive access comes with free exercise facilitation from one of the CGX facilitation team.

Learn more at Crisis Guardian.

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