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Continuity Insights has enhanced its Webinar Series Library to include a number of new sessions presented by insightful business continuity leaders that cover topics across the full spectrum of our profession.

Be sure to check out these recent additions to the archives.

Managing Team Mental Health During Crisis
Presenter: Dawn Grzena, Zendesk

As the leaders during a crisis, we are expected to be calm, cool, and collected no matter what the crisis is. What happens when crisis exhaustion starts to creep in by either your executives, response teams, or those that you manage? What are the burnout warning signs that you should be watching for? Finally, how do you manage the team beyond this single event?

This webinar goes over what our speaker, Dawn Grzenda of Zendesk, has learned over the years on what to watch for during a crisis for burnout, exhaustion, or team members being overwhelmed. We’ll go over the various tools and tips to help both your direct and extended teams. By the time this session is over, you will walk away with solid strategies, ideas, and more tools for your crisis response toolbox.


Searching for Risk in All the Wrong Places
Presenter: Geary Sikich, Principal, Logical Management Systems

Risk management professionals need to ask the question, “Are we searching for risk in all the wrong places?” Are risk professionals being deluded or deluding themselves by seeing risk based on media driven analysis; applying outmoded tools, models, etc. that no longer reflect the reality of risk?

COVID-19 has captured headlines as the pandemic rages worldwide. So, much of risk management seems to be focused on COVID-19 impact, “the new normal,” and “the great reset” as touted by high profile consulting firms like McKinsey & Company, Booz Allen, PriceWaterhouse, Boston Consulting Group, and sage gurus. The coronavirus, like all viruses, mutates nearly constantly, and while our attention is focused on the COVID-19 headlines, are risk professionals taking into account the touchpoint relationships to other risks?


Operational Resilience – The New Frontier
Presenter: David Halford, Vice President, Crisis & Continuity Management Solutions, Fusion Risk Management

Enterprise Resilience programs continue to evolve with a convergence of Operational Risk, Third Party Risk Management, and traditional Business Continuity Management. As this evolution continues, the demand for Operational Resiliency is clear and supported by recent events. An Operational Resilience focus provides improved value to the Enterprise and is a key element of several recent financial regulatory guidance and Basel updates.

During this webinar, David Halford provides a directional update and an actionable methodology to stand up an enterprise resiliency program. In addition, he demonstrates the value of using a system to support your program enabling you to easily manage, visualize, and use critical enterprise information at time of crisis. At the end of this presentation, you’ll leave more confident and ready to continue your Operational Resilience journey.


Ransomware Attack – Useful Data: CLDigital’s Real Time Action Plan Across the Enterprise
Presenters: Tejas Katwala, CEO and Co-Founder, and David Mack, SVP, Business Development, Americas, CLDigital

The panic of losing control of your key systems to cyber incidents and ransomware attacks is real. At the time of attack, all focus shifts: stop the bleeding and reclaim your data and systems immediately. In that moment of chaos, senior leaders need to understand the relationships between people, processes, technologies to determine the best course of action.

Learn how ransomware attacks are evolving and how resilience professionals can be the ‘data scientist’ in the room. In this webinar, our featured presenters, Tejas Katwala, CEO, and David Mack, SVP, of CLDigital, will guide you through real-time situational awareness during a cyber event.


Be sure to visit the Continuity Insights Webinar Series Library for even more topics of interest here.

Continuity Insights

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