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Continuity Insights Management Conference: Meet Kathryn Scourby

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Meet the speakers at this year’s Continuity Insights Management Conference, then click here to learn more about the 2023 event.

Kathryn Scourby
KNS Consulting

When did you know you wanted this job?

I became involved in Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity in the legal world in the mid 2000’s when I became the Business Continuity Manager  for a large global law firm.  After initially working with consultants, I realized how passionate I was about working in this world, and once I retired from the law firm, I knew the next step for me was to start my own business and become a speaker and consultant.

What was your first “win” that made you confident that you were doing the right thing?

Until I moved into the Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity world, I was not a public speaker and I also was not very passionate about my career.  Once I was asked to start speaking about disaster preparedness and business continuity topics I quickly realized that I was passionate about these topics. People who listened to my presentations complimented me on how passionate I was when speaking and that gave me the “win” and the confidence to become a full time speaker and consultant.

How do you avoid being complacent in your role?

I try to avoid complacency by speaking to audiences of all sizes that will take me out of my comfort zone.  I am also expanding my horizons and taking on consulting roles with companies and businesses that are out of the legal environment (my background for 40+ years).  I like this different journey in my professional life.

To learn more about Kathryn’s session and to view the full conference agenda, click here.

Continuity Insights

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