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Continuity Insights Management Conference

The eighth annual Continuity Insights New York Conference will kick off on Monday, October 21. This one-day event is being presented in collaboration with the Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE) and will take place at the Credit Suisse Conference Center in the heart of New York City.

The event will feature presentations by business continuity and resilience professionals from a wide range of industries. The conference includes sessions on emerging issues, training and professional development, technology enablement, and other topics.

The Continuity Insights New York Conference will also feature a keynote presentation by Bill Siegel, CEO and Co-Founder of Coveware, who will discuss The Ransomware Industrial Complex. Siegel’s presentation will educate attendees on how the ransomware supply chain/marketplace works and how they can make their organizations a harder target to him.

The Continuity Insights New York Conference program is devoted to delivering insight, inspiration, and actionable ideas presented by an innovative network of industry-leading business continuity and resiliency experts who have pioneered best practices within their own organizations.

These subject matter experts will provide insight on a host of today’s hot-button topics and issues, taking a deep dive on the skills, methods, and tools needed to turn any operation into a front-line resilient environment

For more information about the Continuity Insights 2019 New York Conference, visit the conference website here.

Registration is open through the weekend and last-minutes attendees can register onsite. Click here to register.

Continuity Insights

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