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The sixth annual Continuity Insights New York Conference will kick off Monday, October 23. The two-day event will take place at the TKP Conference Center in New York City.

The event will feature presentations by business continuity and resilience professionals from a wide range of industries. The conference includes sessions on emerging issues, training, and professional development, technology enablement, and other topics.

Continuity Insights New York will also feature two keynote presenters.

Gil Meyer, a crisis management expert who inspires creative change in how organizations approach crisis management and the author of “Corporate Smokejumper: Crisis Management Tools, Tales and Techniques,” a groundbreaking book that provides an inside look at the gut-wrenching challenges that can befall any organization in today’s fast-paced and complex world, will keynote day one.

If you always wondered what it is like to be inside the conference room where executives wrestle with complex dilemmas, here are tales from behind the closed doors. Meyer will share the inside perspective of a veteran practitioner who throughout his career developed creative new ways for addressing the gut wrenching challenges that come with leading the response to high-stakes crises.

The conference will continue on Tuesday, October 24 with a second keynote presentation by David Lindstedt, the founder of Readiness Analytics. His address, “Everything You’re Doing is Wrong? (Helpful Hints from the Adaptive BC Manifesto),” will discuss the emergence of a new, exciting, “Lean” alternative to traditional preparedness planning practices; starting with the drivers behind the need for a sea change and the nine principles of the Adaptive BC Manifesto.

According to Lindstedt, this is no mere theoretical discussion. He plans on challenging attendees to change the way they do planning and given the framework and justifications to get more recognition for their efforts.

The Continuity Insights New York Conference program is devoted to delivering insight, inspiration, and actionable ideas presented by an innovative network of industry-leading business continuity and resiliency experts who have pioneered best practices within their own organizations.

These subject matter experts will provide insight on a host of today’s hot-button topics and issues, taking a deep dive on the skills, methods, and tools needed to turn any operation into a front-line resilient environment.

For more information about the Continuity Insights 2017 New York Conference, visit the conference website here.

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