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Climate Change, Cyber Attacks Biggest Global Security Threats

New survey data from the Pew Research Center identifies the possible impacts of climate change as one of the biggest threats to security according to people from around the world. Another growing concern is cyber attacks from other countries. U.S. respondents listed this as their number one concern (74%) followed by terrorist threats, specifically ISIS, at 62%, and climate change at 59%.

The survey was conducted from May to August, 2018 and collected feedback from 27,612 respondents from 26 countries across the globe.

Additional threats identified by U.S. respondents include North Korea’s nuclear program (58%), Russia and China’s power and influence (50% and 48% respectively), and the condition of the global economy (44%). Analysts indicate that the results may already differ since the survey was conducting, reflecting new concerns over Russia and China, and a weakened ISIS.

Read the full story via Homeland Security TODAY.US.

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