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CI New York Conference “Millennial Spotlight” Session – Leveraging the Me Culture to Your Advantage

Continuity Insights

Let’s shed some light on the Millennial stereotype. This highly educated and technically competent generation is our future and should be capitalized upon. In this 2017 Continuity Insights New York Conference session, Victoria Healy, a Marketing Business Analyst with BC in the Cloud, will discuss how to motivate and integrate millennials into business continuity while busting stereotypes about the “Me Generation.”

As a member of her company’s marketing team, Healy is an expert in all things Millennial. She’s eager to share her thoughts and impressions on motivational tactics and strategies for seamlessly integrating this current and future wave of business continuity professionals into the BC community and into your organization and team.

Learn more and view the official Continuity Insights New York Conference agenda.

Continuity Insights

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