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Continuity Insights Management Conference

You’ve got questions. We’ve got a lot of answers. The importance of consulting subject matter experts on a wide-range of critical BC/DR issue cannot be overstated. It’s the reason why Continuity Insights invites recognized subject matter experts to be part of its annual Management Conference – to stimulate conversations and answer your relevant business continuity and resiliency questions with authority, credibility, and insight.

By providing thoughtful answers to your critical questions, these SMEs will help you establish the credibility within your own company to speak to with authority as you work toward building a more resilient organization.

The 2021 Continuity Insights Management Conference has scheduled four topical “Ask the Experts Panels” for this year’s event, October 4-6, 2021, at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year’s panels will be devoted to the following topics.

Tales from the Real World
What can we learn from the experiences, travails, challenges of the experts? In this session approximately 10 individuals, collectively with over 200 years of BCDR experience, will be assembled to present their unique challenge or mini-case that they have experienced that is outside of the business continuity norm; something that you can’t address from a textbook of best practices. A cadre of experts will each relay an example of a method, practice, use-case, etc. that they have used or plan to use that is outside of the BC/DR norm.

Critical IT Infrastructure Resilience: Pre- and Post-Pandemic
Given that critical infrastructures, processes, policies, supply chain, cloud, networking, along with a myriad of essential protocols which were designed and built pre-COVID, what challenges and vulnerabilities did COVID reveal? While many organizations quickly adapted and responded effectively, many did not. Most organizations did not anticipate that 90 percent-plus of their workforce would be remote suddenly. So, what were some of the lessons learned, best practices developed, and how will this look going forward?

Reimagining Organizational Resilience: Achieving Best in Class
Traditionally, building plans has been the foundation for our profession. But the Pandemic, compounded with layers of man-made and natural disasters, have shifted our reality and focus to identifying and mitigating process risks. In this panel session, you’ll learn how other companies have enhanced their BCM by focusing on operational risks, and the benefits that can bring to your program.

Breaking the Mold – Innovative Perspectives on Leadership
This inspirational group of business continuity female leaders will share the stories of how four of the industry’s most successful members shaped their careers and pushed our profession in new directions. A mix of humor, struggle, success, and lessons learned, this session will offer advice on how to stay energized and smash the glass ceiling through hard work, and positivity, while never accepting “good enough” as an answer.

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