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A Special Presentation by the Homeland Security Human Factors Institute

It is very difficult to “un-scare” people, and fear can be as contagious as any disease. Right now, the monkeypox outbreak is bad and getting worse. It represents an unprecedented spread of this disease. At last count, the U.S. has identified 6,617 confirmed monkeypox cases, and at least 85 other countries ... Read more

Speak Up or Shut Up? The Great Communication Conundrum

By Tony Jaques Ph.D., Director of Issue Outcomes Pty. Ltd. When you’re in the public spotlight over a high-profile issue, the first question is often: “What shall we say to the media?” But there is another important question you may need to consider first: “Should we say anything at all?” Now, ... Read more

National Weather Disasters Are Becoming More Prevalent and Severe… and Help Is not Necessarily on the Way

By Frank Shultz, Infinite Blue: Twenty times last year a weather or climate disaster cost the US at least a billion dollars. These disasters also resulted in the deaths of at least 688 people, the most since 2017. The trend is not only for weather disasters to be more expensive, ... Read more

Customer Insights: The Importance of Safety and Preparedness

By Michelle Cassidy and Kurt Blomdahl, Fusion Risk Management: As highly impactful events continue to plague the world, risk and resilience professionals are tasked with planning for and responding to these significant events. Currently, many of us are responding to multiple events at one time. These events are ever changing, ... Read more

Emergency Return to Work During COVID

By Ashley Goosman, Disaster Empire: Returning employees to offices during COVID. Emergency return to work during COVID is a challenging proposition. Many of you shared having employees working in offices throughout the pandemic. For the most part, the employees and contractors accessing offices are considered essential employees that need to ... Read more

The Importance of Incident Response Training for First Responders

By Charlie Maclean-Bristol, FBCI FEPS: In this article, Charlie Maclean-Bristol, FBCI FEPS, author of the new book, Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan, discusses why incident responders are important to have within your company and the benefits of training them to a high standard. This article was ... Read more

The Post Pandemic Workforce

By Lynnda Nelson, President at ICOR: As organizations reimagine the post pandemic organization, the impact of how the workforce returns to work and determining when remote work “works” and when it doesn’t, is top of mind. In this blog we will discuss the positive and negative aspects of remote working and ... Read more

A Case for Business Continuity Managed Services

By Bob Farkas, Virtual Corporation: Fifty-one percent of organizations surveyed by Mercer Consulting were caught without business continuity plans when the current COVID pandemic erupted. Moreover, other surveys revealed the potentiality and impact of a pandemic were virtually ignored. Low priority and insufficient investment in business continuity continue to jeopardize ... Read more

Healthcare Workers Continue to Deal With Workplace Violence

By Oscar Villanueva, Managing Director of Security Services & Crisis Preparedness, R3 Continuum: Tips for Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare. Workplace violence in healthcare settings has been an issue for some time. Threats of violence against doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel can come from irate patients or family, from ... Read more

10 BCP Mistakes You Really Want to Avoid: Part 1

By Tam Williams, KingsBridge BCP: Wondering if your business is going to get your through the next wave of Covid-19 or some other business interruption? Make sure your planning efforts aren’t going to waste by learning about these 10 BCP mistakes you’ll want to avoid in your business continuity plan ... Read more

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