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How Would You Respond To An Active Assailant?

active shooter

A leading security consulting and risk assessment firm conducted a poll on how professionals would react to an active assailant situation.

Unlock Resilience Management Insights With BCM Trends Study

The 14th edition of the BCM trends study will offer exclusive insights about attitudes toward resilience management.

CISOs To USE Machine Learning In Battle Against Ransomware

A new survey finds that two-thirds of CISO respondents plan to use data analytics/ machine learning tools to detect suspicious activity over the next year.

Navy SEALs Respond To Security Threats With New Solution

Former U.S. Navy SEALS reveal Proventus, a company that provides safety solutions for all different facilities.

Study Finds Cloud Assets Are Biggest Targets for Cyberattacks

cloud security

Despite dramatic increase in sensitive data stored in the cloud, on average only 45% of sensitive data is encrypted.

PenFed Credit Union Boosts Risk Management With iluminr Solution

The credit union is adding a risk and resilience solution from iluminr to its arsenal.

Employees Express Safety Concerns In New Study

A new workplace safety survey from Verkada reveals that the frontline workforce in crisis.

IBM Grants $5M To Boost Cybersecurity In Schools

Now in its third year, IBM Education Security Preparedness Grants offer students and teachers access to cyber and AI skills.

Gaps In Cloud Resilience Call For Increased Risk Management

Companies must consider the added element of cloud risk in their disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Preventing Ransomware Attacks

According to new research, organizations will likely face more sophisticated ransomware threats in the next 24 months.

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