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6 Best Safety Engagement Ideas for Real Cultural Change in Your Organization

By AlertMedia: A workplace culture that embraces safety is ingrained in every process and decision your company makes. Most companies meet at least a handful of basic safety requirements, such as maintaining fire extinguishers and displaying evacuation routes. While these are critical tools for keeping your people and property safe, ... Read more

Infinite Blue Launches Next Generation End-to-End Business Resilience Solution

Infinite Blue, a leading provider of business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning and response management software, launched Cenari, the next generation enterprise resilience platform that combines all aspects of BC/DR into a single, seamlessly unified platform. By combining disparate services, such as planning, threat intelligence, mass notification, and incident response, companies ... Read more

Increasing Resilience Through Diversity and Integration

ICOR will present Increasing Resilience Through Diversity and Integration on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at 1:00 p.m. ET. Attend this webinar and learn about how to intentionally recognize the importance of the diverse nature and characteristics of its people and how to implement systems where integration is an ongoing process ... Read more

Riskonnect Announces Acquisition of Castellan

Riskonnect, the leader in integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, has acquired Castellan, a global provider of enterprise resilience management solutions. The acquisition furthers Riskonnect’s IRM vision of bringing all aspects of Risk Under One Roof by seamlessly incorporating business continuity and operational resilience capabilities into its platform. “Castellan’s emphasis on ... Read more

New Infographic: 5 Questions to Ask on Your Journey to Becoming a Resilient Organization

OnSolve has released a new infographic, 5 Questions to Ask When Building Your Organizational Resilience Strategy, providing tips to build a culture of organizational resilience. Organizational resilience is more than a business catchphrase – it’s the ability to effectively respond to threats and continue delivering on your promise to employees, ... Read more

New Release: Building Resilient Organizations Through Change, Chance, and Complexity

Business continuity and resilience consultant Dr. David Lindstedt has released Building Resilient Organizations through Change, Chance, and Complexity, a new book that unpacks the nature of resilient organizations and how they prepare for unpredictable, complex, and profound change. Organizations that do not adapt and evolve die. To date, however, it ... Read more

New Webinar: Managing Team Mental Health During Crisis

As the leaders during a crisis, we are expected to be calm, cool, and collected no matter what the crisis is. But what happens when crisis exhaustion starts to creep in by either your executives, response teams, or those that you manage? What are the burnout warning signs that you ... Read more

How to Incorporate Heatwave Preparedness in Shelter Management

By Alison Cofrancesco, Veoci: Heatwaves are a part of summer we’ve come to expect. While we all enjoy the warm weather, heatwaves are often a bit too much. They’re inconvenient, change our plans, inflate our electricity bills, close schools and other public facilities, and generally make us uncomfortable or ill. ... Read more

Using Enterprise Security Risk Management to Help Your Security Program

Rothstein Publishing is offering Business Continuity professionals a free chapter – How Can Enterprise Security Risk Management Help YOUR Security Program? – from Brian J. Allen, Esq. and Rachelle Loyear’s breakthrough book, Enterprise Security Risk Management: Concepts and Applications. As a security professional, have you found that you and others ... Read more

StormGeo Addresses the Effects of a Changing Climate, Business Impacts of Hurricanes

StormGeo, a 24/7 weather intelligence provider, recently held a “Climate Impacts” Summit with leading climate scientists and hurricane experts to address how businesses can better adapt to withstand future hurricane impacts. “Strategically and tactically preparing for severe weather has always been a fundamental requirement for businesses. Those preparations are being ... Read more

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