Witt O’Brien’s Introduces the PandemicBuzz Podcast

Witt O’Brien’s has launched PandemicBuzz, a snapshot-in-time interview series, where crisis management, business continuity, and crisis communications experts talk about their current pandemic efforts, state of mind, and corporate path forward. The Podcast is hosted by Devin Sirmenis, Managing Director Corporate Resilience, Witt O'Brien's. Recent episodes have featured Mandy Shuker, Senior

You Can’t Stop: The Time to Plan for Office Re-Opening is Now

By Grace Burley, Witt O’Brien’s: We are all exhausted. Crisis management and business continuity departments have been in a perpetual state of activation for over a month, although it feels like years. Some teams may have hit a slight lull – as IT issues have been resolved and employees have gotten

Back to Basics: Planning and Implementation of Business Continuity

By Jordan Macavoy, Reciprocity Labs: Businesses hardly think about failure, calamities, emergencies, and other risky events. Today’s headlines have shown us that even the most successful and organized companies can be brought down by natural and man-made disasters. Disruptions such as floods, hurricanes, fires, cyberattacks, and disease outbreaks are enough to

Testing a Business Continuity Plan is a Must

By Pronto Recovery: Corporations are constantly evolving: developing new services, expanding product portfolios, and fine tuning business processes. These changes create a ripple effect, one that impacts their Business Continuity Plans (BCP). These blueprints are valuable only when they accurately reflect how the organization functions. To fully grasp how well a