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How Good Is ChatGPT At Answering Questions About Business Continuity And Resilience?

ChatGPT has never been far from the headlines over the past few months. At Continuity Central we thought it would be interesting to ask it some of the common questions we get asked about business continuity and resilience. See what you think of the answers… Read the full story on ... Read more

The Rising Tide Of Third-Party Risk Management

Continuity of Supply a Growing Concern in Global Economy

In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, supply chains have grown in complexity. It’s an accelerating trend that poses significant risks to organizations globally. In today’s volatile operating environment, supplier performance is harder to gauge, inflation harder to contain, and disruption across the world harder to predict. Challenges can emerge ... Read more

Fraud In A Short-Attention Economy

Brands are fighting on two fronts today, to retain discerning consumers, while protecting and growing their business in a challenging economic climate. Nowhere is this more keenly felt than in e-commerce. “Quick commerce” services for food deliveries and taxis are setting the new standard for customer experiences, and people today ... Read more

Let’s Talk Operational Resilience

Do you have questions about operational resilience? At this year’s Continuity Insights Management Conference, April 24-26 in Minneapolis, MN, you’ll have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with operational resilience professionals and have your questions answered. Reserve your time to meet with these industry professionals: Robert Fucito, Corporate Resiliency and Crisis ... Read more

Ensuring Business Continuity with Managed IT Disaster Recovery

A business continuity plan is essential to any company’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. Without a plan, recovering from disasters and other disruptions that threaten operations would be difficult. To ensure business continuity, managed IT disaster recovery (MDR) is your solution. Due to the many benefits managed IT offers, the industry ... Read more

What business executives don’t understand about IT

When I graduated from college, I worked as an assembler language programmer for Sears. At that time, Sears was the world’s largest retailer and it was just beginning to use the new System 360 from IBM. IT was looked upon as a group of techies that performed some unexplainable job ... Read more

Supply Chain Integrity Month

April is National Supply Chain Integrity Month. In partnership with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), Office of the National Cyber Director (ONCD), the Department of Defense, and other government and industry partners, CISA is promoting the theme, “Supply Chain Risk Management ... Read more

New institute will help make communities more resilient

Building on the work of the University of Oregon’s longstanding Institute for a Sustainable Environment, the UO has established a new institute to research how society can become more resilient in the face of the growing threats. The Institute for Resilient Organizations, Communities, and Environments is a multidisciplinary effort, bringing together faculty ... Read more

See Resilience AI & Automation LIVE!

Sponsored by       See Resilience AI & Automation LIVE! Exclusive Walkthrough For CIMC Attendees – Click Here For 30 Minute Demo At CIMC 2023 See how Delta Airlines and Pepsico are realizing 80%+ reduction in RTO and over 50% operating cost savings using Resilience Automation & Cyber Recovery. ... Read more

Marsh releases 2023 Political Risk Report

It’s critical to stay up to date on the latest risks to make informed decisions, reduce volatility, capitalize on opportunities, and drive growth now and in the future. The Political Risk Report 2023 is your essential guide to the top risks and opportunities across regions, so you can confidently plan for what’s ... Read more

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