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Big Breaches Are A Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call For Retail 

Cybersecurity Retail

Recent data breaches at VF Corporation and Clorox serve as a wake-up call for the retail industry to strengthen its cybersecurity resilience.

U.S. Workers Anxious About AI Use In Finance, Operations

AI in the workplace

Driven by negative news coverage, salaried workers’ concerns over job loss, business fraud, other potential adverse effects of AI in the workplace outweigh enthusiasm for potential benefits. Widespread apprehensions among U.S. workers regarding the negative impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) are impeding the broader adoption of beneficial AI advancements, finds ... Read more

Political Uncertainty Is Key Challenge For Business Planning

Political Uncertainty

A new Marcum LLP-Hofstra University Survey finds the uncertain political climate influences CEO’s decision-making process and corporate strategy.

EPA Strengthens Chemical Accident Risk Management Program

Chemical Accidents

New safety standards are strongest in history, will further protect at-risk communities from chemical accidents.

Most Companies Identified Breaches To Their AI In The Past Year

AI Security

AI adoption is accelerating without proper security measures, according to HiddenLayer’s newly released AI Threat Landscape Report.

What Is AI’s Role In Reinforcing Cyber Defenses?

AI in Cybersecurity

MixMode's State of AI in Cybersecurity Report 2024 reveals how AI is transforming the cybersecurity landscape and the challenges and opportunities it presents for organizations.

Less Than Half Of IT Leaders Are Confident In Security Plans

In a new report, IT leaders surveyed would have started their IoT security plans differently so they could remediate vulnerabilities faster.

AI-based Fraud Detection Recovered $375M in FY 2023

Fraud Detection

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Payment Integrity began using AI to deal with increased fraud during the pandemic.

Security Leaders: SEC Cybersecurity Rules Will Substantially Impact Business

SEC Cybersecurity Rules, AuditBoard

SEC’s new cybersecurity rules mandate that publicly traded companies disclose significant cybersecurity incidents in a timely manner, along with the measures taken to address these threats.

LOCKBIT RANSOMWARE VARIANT Disrupted By United States, United Kingdom


Control of public-facing websites and administrative servers used by LockBit to connect to the organization’s infrastructure has been seized.

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