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Business Continuity

Security Strategies: Just 2% Of Organizations Report Confidence

Security Strategies

A recent report from OPSWAT highlights a disconnect between confidence levels and infrastructure upgrades, spending, and security improvements.

Five Years After Tornado, Lennox Celebrates New Start

Lennox Tornado

In 2018, a devastating tornado caused significant damage at the Lennox manufacturing facility in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Releases Cybersecurity Plan

Cybersecurity Plan

National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan (NCSIP) includes 65+ initiatives, from combatting cyber crimes to building a skilled cyber workforce.

How Global Business Leaders Build Resilience

Building Business Resilience

A survey of 600 executives from leading enterprises across Asia, Europe and North America reveals three types of business resilience that are essential for success.

Preparing For Hurricane Season 2023

An executive from an emergency planning and incident response company discusses preparing for hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Webinar: How To Explain Business Continuity To Executives, ERM Professionals

Business Continuity Webinar

View this free video webinar and learn how to articulate the value of connecting business continuity and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Job Posting: Business Continuity Management Specialist, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ

Contribute to the development of Business Continuity Management best practices suitable to Horizons way of doing business.

Creating Disaster Plans For Small Business

disaster plan

A proactive disaster management plan can mitigate the effects on your business and help speed your return to normal operations. By SCORE Think about all the time and resources you have invested in your small business. Imagine that it’s all gone: furniture, equipment, inventory, records, everything. What would you do? ... Read more

What’s Your Earning Potential As A Business Continuity Professional?

Business Continuity

Download the 21st Edition Global BCM Compensation Report and learn how different factors may impact a professional’s earning potential in the business continuity profession and related disciplines.

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