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Castellan Solutions Launches Season Two of its “Business, Interrupted” Podcast

Castellan Solutions, the largest, global provider of resilience management solutions, has launche season two of its “Business, Interrupted” podcast hosted by Brian Zawada, Chief Strategy Officer of Castellan, and Cheyene Marling, Managing Director of BC Management.

Business as usual is challenged every day. It’s not about if disruption occurs, it’s when.

“In season one, we brought you stories of influential leaders persevering through their most pivotal moments and provided actionable advice on how to tackle specific elements of continuity and resilience,” stated Marling. “In season two, we’re going to dive deeper – with the goal of equipping you to handle any disruption that comes your way.”

Season two features weekly episodes that continue to cover two unique formats.

The “Leaders” show, hosted by Marling, highlights conversations with leading experts as they unpack the career changing moments where they could have stepped down, but instead stepped up to ensure business as usual.

The “Scenarios” show, hosted by Zawada, explores real-life situations or hot topics and provides listeners with insights, advice, and the resources needed for real-world application.

“We have incredible conversations to share with our listeners this season that will bring immediate value,” noted Zawada. “Follow along every Thursday as we challenge the status quo around resilience and work to drive improvement across readiness and response capabilities.”

The first Scenarios episode of season two is now available – where you’ll hear Zawada and his guest explore two different approaches to business continuity and achieving the right level of resilience for your organization.

Listen to Season 2 Episode 1 here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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