Castellan Releases Cyber Response Builder to Help Organizations Drive Toward Cyber Resilience

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In alignment with Cybersecurity Awareness Month throughout October, global business continuity and operational resilience solutions provider Castellan Solutions has announced the release of its Cyber Response Builder.

“As cyber attacks continue to increase in sophistication and frequency, prevention alone is no longer enough,” says Jon Ezrine, CEO of Castellan Solutions. “While many of the CIOs and CISOs I speak with are confident in their ability to technically respond to an attack, they lack confidence in their organization’s ability to successfully coordinate the wider response and recovery effort across the rest of the organization. You must be able to do both if you want to achieve true cyber resilience, and we released this guide to help bridge that gap.”

Castellan’s Cyber Response Builder provides an actionable framework that helps organizations take an impactful step toward creating a successful cyber response capability that is tightly integrated with cybersecurity management, incident management, IT disaster recovery, and business continuity programs.

The guide also includes a brief Cyber Response Assessment that walks through 10 yes-or-no questions to help level set on the current state of an organization’s cyber response capability.

To download the full Cyber Response Builder, click here.

Continuity Insights

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