Castellan Launches Operational Resilience Capabilities With New Single SaaS Platform

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Castellan Solutions, a leading global provider of business continuity management solutions, has announced the launch of its new SaaS solution – offering a fully integrated software suite that uses automation and intelligence to solve operational resilience, business continuity, crisis management, and emergency notification challenges within one platform.

The new Castellan SaaS solution not only adopts the strengths from the company’s existing software offerings to deliver a best of breed business continuity solution, but also incorporates the world’s first out-of-the-box operational resilience capability for driving greater organizational readiness.

Operational resilience functionality goes beyond traditional business continuity by identifying hidden cracks in advance and giving organizations the ability to predict, define, assess, test, and recover from disruption. Benefits of the new Castellan platform include:

  • Raising the capability to a more strategic level by exposing vulnerabilities that could lead to disruption before they happen
  • Breaking down silos between internal teams with a single platform providing quick communication to all stakeholders and employees
  • Highlighting a data model that fully describes the end-to-end value chains that deliver products and services to customers
  • Simplifying every organization’s ability to fully embrace operational resilience and quickly achieve compliance with emerging regulations

“The pandemic has exposed organizational vulnerabilities and caused many leaders to realize that their businesses weren’t adequately prepared for disruption. We believe this lack of readiness highlights the importance of stronger business continuity and operational resilience capabilities,” says Jon Ezrine, CEO of Castellan Solutions. “Our new offering will help organizations evolve from having good business continuity programs to great operationally resilient businesses prepared for any inevitable disruptions.”

To view a video overview of Castellan’s new SaaS platform, click here.

To learn more information about how software can support your team, click here.

About Castellan Solutions: As the largest provider of business continuity and operational resilience solutions – spanning consulting, software, managed services, and staffing – Castellan is uniquely positioned to help clients find the right balance of risk tolerance and resilience to protect their employees, brand, and bottom-line. Leveraging a proprietary proven process for driving business continuity success, Castellan partners with clients to establish a clear vision, drive real results, and provide on-going support from their community of business continuity experts. Castellan helps clients replace uncertainty with confidence. For more information, visit

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