Castellan Announces New Chief Marketing Officer to Lead Global Marketing Strategy

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Castellan Solutions, the largest, global provider of resilience management solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Ozmer as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

“As the Castellan team continues our strategic journey and growth ambition, I’m excited to welcome Adam to the leadership team,” says Jon Ezrine, CEO of Castellan Solutions. “He brings a mix of business expertise along with extensive marketing and commercial strategy knowledge to the table, and, with his team’s support, I am confident that he will lead strong results in our next phase of growth.”

As Chief Marketing Officer, Ozmer leads Castellan’s global marketing initiatives, driving its strategy and development forward to ensure the right audiences are introduced to the company’s services and solutions. He is responsible for the strategic direction and operational execution of all global marketing team functions including brand, demand generation, digital marketing, and communications. Ozmer’s mission is to create demand and affinity for Castellan’s solutions through community building and a customer-centric strategy.

“I feel really thrilled and privileged to join the Castellan team at this exciting time in the company’s trajectory,” adds Ozmer. “I can’t think of many enterprise functions that have been more tested than continuity and resilience across the past two years, and I was impressed by the strategic approach Castellan takes to resilience management. I am eager to contribute to the transformation of the industry and look forward to bringing a new perspective to the team’s marketing efforts and strengthening the strategy it already has in place.”

Ozmer joins Castellan with 20 years of marketing, branding, advertising, and operations experience. He previously served as CMO at True Office Learning and held marketing leadership positions at NYSE, Deloitte, and CEB. Ozmer is based in New York City and Falls Village, Connecticut.

To learn more about Castellan’s resilience management solutions, click here.

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