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The featured Case Studies track at the 2022 Continuity Insights Management Conference will offer an exchange of practical ideas that can help solve critical problems or improve the efficiency or effectiveness of an overall BCM program. Practitioners share information dealing with current issues based on actual events.


Featured case studies will focus on building long-term resilience into your strategy, spotting and avoiding legal issues related to workplace violence, conducting effective tabletop exercises, creating effective cyber response plans when you’re not a cyber expert, the evolving world of disaster recovery, and more.

Presenters will include expert business continuity practitioners the YMCA of Minnesota, Doma, NCA Healthcare, Brink’s Inc., Income Research+Management, and more. The complete Case Studies track session line-up includes:

Managing Risk Means Never Having to Say “I’m Sorry”
Mary Herbst, YMCA of Minnesota
Come learn how to set up a Risk Management program either from scratch or building on an already established program. The speaker will take you through the process of how to learn about a large and complex organization, establish what the key risks are, how to prioritize them, and then manage and mitigate them.

Tales from the Real World
Mark Carroll, Income Research+Management
In this session approximately 10 individuals, collectively with over 200 years of BCDR experience, will be assembled to present their unique challenge or mini-case that they have experienced that is outside of the business continuity norm; something that you can’t address from a textbook of best practices. A cadre of experts will each relay an example of a method, practice, use-case, etc. that they have used or plan to use that is outside of the BC/DR norm.

How to Transform Your BCM Program with Digital Process Automation:  Decision, Implementation, and Launch
Larry Delfiner, Doma and Tejas Katwala, CL Digital

Doma, the real estate title insurance company that is disrupting the market, needed to grow its BCM program as fast as its business was growing. As the organization is in hyper-growth and going public, BCM and automation became part of the leadership’s digital transformation initiative. So, how do you get it right?

So, You’re Having a Disaster… Now What?
Tom Serio, MTS
This session will not only take into consideration the countless hours and resources you’ve spent on planning to find out if you’re truly ready when the time has come to put your plan to the test but highlight areas of concern you may have never thought of or put way down on the priority list.

Reflections on Nashville Christmas Day Bombing
Ray Holloman, NCA Healthcare
On Christmas Day 2020, Nashville was struck by a bombing that took down phone service, Internet, and televisions throughout multiple states. This bombing showed what many of us in the industry already know: our telecommunications systems do not have the level of redundancy that would
be expected for how highly available these systems should be.

Executing Adaptive Business Continuity in the Real World
Mark Armour, Brink’s, Inc.
No doubt you’ve heard of Adaptive Business Continuity. Perhaps you’ve read the book or attended one of the many presentations on the subject. You have probably also heard of Brink’s, the worldwide leader in secure logistics and cash management solutions. What does Adaptive look like at a global organization that operates in 53 countries with over 76,000 employees and $3.6 billion in annual revenue? What are the challenges and benefits of adopting a brand new approach that doesn’t come with a step-by-step instruction manual? Now is the time to find out! Join this highly engaging session to get a look at a genuinely adaptive business continuity program. You’ll see how the results speak for themselves in terms of the program’s growth as well as the experience of responding to numerous disruptive events (hurricanes, civil unrest) while also dealing with a global pandemic.

How Was Canadian Premier Able to Manage During the Pandemic?
Tahir Rao, Canadian Premier Life Insurance (Subsidiary of Securian Financial)
Before November 2019, there was no Business Continuity or disaster recovery plan available in the company, and it was an uphill task to build end to BCM framework, including developing of BCM Policy, identification and training of BCP Coordinators, identification of mission-critical systems, processes, data, people, and preparation of data. The other challenge was to eliminate traditional off-site/alternate locations and while creating a capability of working remotely in crisis/emergency, impacting all the locations like the current pandemic. This presentation will describe the success story of Canadian Premier Life Insurance where within a short period of six-months a complete BCM framework was built, including preparation and approval of BCM Policy, Procedure, getting buy-in from businesses, the nomination of BCP coordinators, their training, conducting BIA, the testing of BCM Plan, and seamlessly transition to working from home.

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