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Continuity Insights Management Conference

Twenty sessions and workshops have been scheduled for the featured Case Studies track at the 2018 Continuity Insights Management Conference. The exchange of practical ideas that can help solve critical problems or improve the efficiency or effectiveness of an overall BCM program will be on full display as practitioners share information dealing with current issues based on actual events.

Featured case studies will focus on implementing a global BCM training program, real-time communication in a complex threat environment, supply chain risk management, implementing adaptive business continuity, the evolving world of disaster recovery, and more.

Presenters will include expert business continuity practitioners from Verizon Wireless, EY (Ernst & Young), T. Rowe Price, Cisco Systems, Turner, Kwik Trip, Brink’s, Nationwide, Weill Cornell Medical College, and more. The complete Case Studies track session line-up includes:

A1: So, You Have a Disaster…Now What?
Tom Serio, Verizon Wireless
The presenter will walk you through a real disaster that impacted a large business and forced them to enact ALL of their business continuity plans. What’s the reality of the situation? What’s were upper management thinking? How do quickly and successfully did employees get back to work? Learn from some very valuable and real lessons learned while recovering a corporate campus from a nine-day outage.

A2: Metrics and Measures in a Large Enterprise
Robin Martin, Second Vice President – Risk Management, Ameritas
Using metrics and measurements to demonstrate how prepared a company is to recover from a business continuity incident. Metrics, measures, and KPI’s are a hot topic in the growing age of big data. But what metrics make sense for business continuity? The presenter will discuss her implementation of capability measures at a large insurance company. By assessing capabilities, setting a baseline, and measuring progress over time, she has been able to demonstrate quantitative progress.

A3: The Need for Real-Time Communication in a Complex Global Threat Environment
Daniel Graff-Radford, Chief Product Officer, OnSolve
Businesses today – from Fortune 100 with geographically dispersed workforces down to SMBs whose workforces are always on the move – are challenged to communicate in real-time with employees and customers. Whether it’s severe weather, terrorist and active shooter threats, travel issues, or even cyber security attacks like the recent Petya ransomware attack when many business employees could not access their networks, laptops and email, and executives needed to find other ways to notify employees in real-time.

A4: Crisis Management Event Forecasting
Michael Keating, VP, Business Continuity Management, RGA Reinsurance Company
Probably the biggest change in the way RGA thinks about crisis management, especially at the strategic level, is the introduction of what we call Crisis Risk Forecasting. It’s a discipline we train our crisis teams around the world to do to look at a situation to see what changes might alter the trajectory of an event to the good or the bad. Presenters will cover the development process of a real crisis forecast at RGA and work as a team to develop a crisis risk forecast for a fictional scenario.

A5: Paper Is Out, Phones Are In
Andy Waples and Maya Calabrese, Eaton Vance
This session will profile the presenters’ adoption of a mobile app for their program, perhaps a next generation of distribution channels for BCPs. Topics discussed will include from idea to inception; that is evaluation, selling the concept to senior management, back-end application, employee adoption, client and regulator engagement, and more. At its conclusion, the attendees will have an opportunity to design their own model.

A6: Turn Up the Volume PART 2: Developing and Implementing a Global BCM Training Program in a Busy, Distracted World Lisa Trousdale, Global Business Continuity Leader, EY
Last year we talked about the challenges of training employees and leaders in BCM when everyone (including you!) is stretched thin and pressed for time. Come and see the framework and some of the deliverables that a large multinational company, with over 200,000 employees in 120 countries has put in place. Presenter will show videos developed for all personnel, Crisis Management Teams and Business Continuity Planning team members as well as demonstrate the self-serve virtual learning portal where training facilitators and response team members can access videos and resources. Discuss ideas for measuring effectiveness of training and managing and reporting on compliance.

A7: Implementing a Global Travel Security Program at T. Rowe Price
Blaise D’Ambrosio, Global Business Continuity Manager, T. Rowe Price
T.Rowe Price recently implemented a global Travel Security program utilizing a leading in industry vendor. Attendees will learn the good and the not so good of the planning and implementation process. The session will cover criteria used to determine that a program was required, a brief and agnostic discussion of the available 3rd party providers, and a review of the protocols for our various travel security related incidents such as, medical emergencies, “high risk location” travel, high casualty international events, and executive flight concentration. Also covered will be a review of the vendor’s tools, the communication campaign, and what to expect when you “Go Live.”

A8: A Roadmap to Improving Your BCMS Capabilities
Jody Harris, BC/DR Analyst at IGT, and Lynnda Nelson, President, ICOR
IGT is the world’s leading end-to-end gaming company, with its holding company headquarters in the UK, with operating headquarters in Italy, Nevada, and Rhode Island. IGT provides the gaming industry with proven solutions for gaming, lottery, interactive, and social, through every channel across the spectrum, including retail, web, and mobile. Take a journey with IGT as they share how they improved their business continuity capabilities over the past three years by conducting a gap analysis of their alignment to ISO 22301 and became certified to ISO 22301.

A9: What Works: Cisco Services Supply Chain Risk Management
Don Hall, MBCP, CBCLA, ARMP, Cisco Services Business Continuity Program Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.
This presentation shares Cisco Services’ supplier BC processes highlighting assessment scoping, questions, risk dialogue, metrics, and supporting supplier contracts language. Cisco Services customer support and service supply chain organization implements an effective, practical approach to identifying, prioritizing and managing supplier business continuity (BC) risk using limited resources. Focusing efforts on critical suppliers (aka vendors) enables a small team to address important risks to the organization. Actionable metrics reflect risk reduction efforts and accountability.

A10: The Evolution of Crisis Management Planning and the Escalation of Threats Facing a Global Media Company
Paul Arbet, Manager Business Continuity, CBCP, MBA, and Tiffany Sudderth, Director, Business Continuity Management, Turner
With today’s global political and social unrest, Turner’s News and Entertainment brands routinely face threats to the business as well as to its employees. These can range from boisterous protests and intimidation against employees to more clandestine calculated actions intended to harm our operations. Given that Turner’s Business Continuity Management group owns Crisis Management, it has become our responsibility, in partnership with our Corporate Security colleagues, to lead those efforts that anticipate, respond to and, in best cases, prevent those actions that trigger a crisis declaration. Join us as we share Turner’s approach to mitigating risk though our Crisis Management Plan framework.

A11: How to Engage C-Suite Team Members Using Bite-Size Training
Christopher Sarcletti, Specialist, Enterprise BCM, BMO Harris Bank and Eric Thompson, CEO, Crisis Guardian
Getting time with C-Suite executives to train them on their role and their responsibilities in a crisis has been a mission impossible task. The process was long and protracted – setting aside training sessions that executives found difficult to attend. A new approach was required. One that grabbed their attention, could be delivered to any team member across any state. An approach that could get all the messages across in less than 10 minutes. Without the constraints of eLearning and platform requirements. And so flexible that it could be delivered on any device as well as through conventional intranet and sharepoint channels.

A12: Building an International Business Continuity Program at Staples
Leah Sawyer, Business Continuity Manager, Staples Inc., and Christopher Britton, Rock Dove Solutions
“Big-box” retail organizations must provide customers with their orders even if the company has an emergency. Building a business continuity program across international borders can come with many challenges. Learn how Staples is addressing and overcoming those challenges in their business continuity program and through the use of mobile technology. Also, attendees will walk away with real life lessons learned from the 2017 hurricane season.

A13: Building Resiliency in 12 Months or Less
Dov Gardin, Associate Director Risk and Resiliency, Allergan
You’ve been tasked with building a business continuity program, you have to show results now, and you have limited resources. Join the presenter, head of risk and resiliency at Allergan, as he uses Allergan as a case study to walk through 10 key steps of building a fast, effective, and sustainable business continuity program in 12 months or less – without breaking the bank.

A14: The Critical Need for VOAD Participation
Dan Schreiter, ABCP, PHR, SHRM-CP, Business Continuity Manager, Kwik Trip, Inc.
Kwik Trip is a chain of more than 400 convenience stores with more than 18,000 employees. This presentation will share why becoming a local Volunteer Organization Active in a Disaster (VOAD) member or establishing a Public/Private Partnership with your local Emergency Management officials will be a key component when it comes to response/recovery operations, not just for the community, but for your business, too. Hear about real-life situations in which Kwik Trip worked with state and local emergency management officials in their critical events planning exercises. Learn how your organization holds the key in establishing public/private partnerships.

A15: Implementing Adaptive Business Continuity at Brink’s
Mark Armour, Director Global Business Continuity, Brink’s Inc.
This will be a comprehensive look at exactly what was done at Brink’s to align the company with Adaptive BC Principles. Whether you are already familiar with the adaptive framework or are just learning about it now, this should answer many of your questions about how Adaptive BC is implemented and managed in the real world. You’ll learn about some of the challenges, difficulties and problems that an experienced practitioner can have in abandoning legacy BC practices.

A16: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Irma and Other Disasters
Beverly Schulz, CBCP, Director, RJF Operational Risk Management, Raymond James Financial
ACategory 4 storm is headed straight for your town. What do you do when a critical recovery team member refuses to evacuate without their pet pot-bellied pig and no hotel will allow it? Well, you rent them a furnished apartment, that’s what you do. The 2017 Hurricane Season was memorable, setting numerous records and leaving devastation behind for many parts of our country. During this session, the presenter will cover lessons learned from the response to these storms and numerous other crises. Tips for improving your Crisis Management and Incident Response Programs will also be shared.

A17: The Mary Kay Way – How the Culture Leads to Our Program Success
Joel Navarro, Global Manager, Business Continuity, Mary Kay Inc.
Mary Kay Ash started the company by stepping outside of the standard practices and created something new and meaningful for millions of women around the world. Similarly, the BC program did not follow the traditional BCP steps and developed a culture which strayed from accepted practices. This presentation will discuss challenges faced, consistent and frequent exercising focused on resiliency, a global resiliency committee focused on decision making (not steering committee), and expansion into all MK markets in nearly 40 countries.

A18: Our Evolving World of Disaster Recovery
Larry Heck, Disaster Recovery Manager, Weill Cornell Medical College
As the landscape of BC and DR rapidly changes, we may sometimes struggle with how to maintain control of our environments and plan for resiliency if a disruption occurs. This case study will explore how our team worked within our IT organization to adapt to changes in technology strategy and to discover opportunities to improve the program. We’ll discuss changes in organizational alignment, determine if an onsite, cloud, or hybrid solution is best, measuring compliance, among other risks.

A19: Nationwide’s Crisis Management Journey
Joni McLean, Manager, Nationwide
Learn how Nationwide, a leading insurance and financial services company, implemented their crisis management program throughout the company for senior executives, board members, the business and remote locations. Nationwide will share how the program matured, the current tools used to keep executives prepared (including a mobile application) and simulation techniques.

A20: Lessons Learned from REAL Life Events
Reta Setrak, MBCP MBCI, Senior Manager, Business Continuity Management, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
Business continuity planning is a dynamic discipline and regardless of how robust and complete your program is, lessons learned from real events are often your best teacher. Hear how such diverse disruptions such as Hurricane Sandy, the Toronto ice storm, Japan earthquake and tsunami, New Delhi fire, and City of Calgary flood, have strengthened their program. Best practices will be shared in structuring the crisis management team, training, table top exercises and building the tools to support executive level participation. The presenter will also stress the critical importance of collaboration with Emergency Response, Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery and crisis management.


View the complete Case Studies track for the 2018 Continuity Insights Management Conference here.

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