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Continuity Insights Management Conference

The magnitude of recent events is posing unprecedented challenges to corporate boards, C-suite executives, and shareholders. It is critically important for business continuity, incident management, disaster recovery, and emergency management professionals to stay informed of developments in the cyber security arena.

Dr. Nader Mehravari, Chief Scientist with Axio, and an expert in operational resilience focusing on cybersecurity and resilience management, protection and sustainment of critical infrastructure, preparedness planning, and associated risk management principles and practices, will address this subject as a featured keynote speaker at the 2018 Continuity Insights Management Conference, April 23-25, in Miami, Florida. He’ll be joined by Axio founder and Chief Operating Officer David White.

While cyber risk cannot be eliminated, it can be effectively managed (or solved) through cyber resilience optimization to meet the business needs of our organizations. Working off this premise as a starting point, their discussion will focus on four critical points: characterizing the expanding cyber risk environment; reviewing key cyber threats, including threats to the ever-increasing convergence of physical and cyber domains; discussing key challenges faced by organizations in effectively managing their cyber exposure; and presenting actionable strategies for successfully managing the risk of cyber business interruption.

Mehravari has over 33 years of experience in leading and performing technical, business, research, and teaching activities in aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and consulting industries for domestic and international entities as well as in academic environments. Prior to joining Axio, he worked with Lockheed Martin Corporation for nearly two decades where he was the Corporate Director for Business Resiliency

Before founding Axio, White worked in the CERT Program at Carnegie Mellon, a cybersecurity research program primarily funded by the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. He provided technical leadership for a portfolio of cybersecurity maturity models, diagnostic methods, research, and training.

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