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Business Continuity Planning Made Simple

BCP is the acronym for Business Continuity Planning. Unfortunately, there are those who see BCP as a “Big Complex Pain.” However, there is a streamlined process that focuses on a completed plan before it transforms itself into a complex pain.

BCP Made Simple, a new Continuity Insights webinar scheduled for Wednesday, December 11, 2019, at 2:00 p.m. ET will shed new light on this important topic and delve into this simplified BCP that will achieve high marks from your auditors, while maximizing limited resources, reducing time commitments, and clearing the hurdles due to limited buy-in.

We’ll be joined by Tam Williams, Project Manager and Business Continuity Consultant with KingsBridge BCP, who will reveal how this approach adheres to industry best practices, while adding a healthy dose of time-proven methodologies that keep a clear focus on the goal of a completed Business Continuity Plan. Williams is a skilled and experienced Business Continuity consultant who has honed her skills over the past two decades in a number of industries, including healthcare, research, information technology, manufacturing and finance. She has facilitated business continuity workshops and delivered presentations at a number of business continuity conferences throughout North America.

Register for the “BCP Made Simple” webinar here.

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