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Business Continuity Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide with Downloadable Planning Forms

The author is a knowledgeable expert with 20 years of experience in business continuity planning. He uses straightforward, jargon-free writing and supplements it with checklists, tables and worksheets to illustrate the easiest path to your destination. There is an emphasis on the non-technical aspects of Information Technology/ Disaster Recovery planning, with the basic information easily transferable across the entire organization.

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In addition to those highlighted above, this book includes additional important features:

  • Worksheets in the book and in Downloads in Microsoft Word give step-by step practice in developing your business continuity plan.
  • Appendices with sample risk assessment and risk analysis checklist.
  • Glossary with 120 business continuity terms.
  • Downloads with wealth of templates and forms; bibliographies; articles and papers; links to a variety of related Web sites.
  • Author is veteran practitioner of business continuity and disaster recovery for more than 20 years.

For academic use, contact Phil to see if you qualify to receive a complimentary copy.

Once you have the basic structure in place, you can refer to this guide time and time again to build on your business continuity plan as your business evolves. The simplicity of this reference and the accompanying materials in the Downloads will allay your concerns and allow you to confidently devote more time and resources to this critical process. As you move through the steps, you will see the practical and measurable results of a business that is becoming more resilient, more agile, and better prepared to take advantage of the next business change.

2005, 190 pages. ISBN 978-1931332-21-7

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