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Business Continuity Management vs. Business Continuity as a Service

By Rebecca Wein, Virtual Corporation: 

While most organizations understand the need for a business continuity management program, the costs of the program can begin to outweigh the need after a few years of engagement. To many executives, BCM is viewed as a vacuum, sucking in cash, and providing little to no return. Often, a decision is made to end the program, only for an incident to occur shortly after. This could result in loss of revenue and the business could potentially end up going out of business.

With this in mind, it may be in your company’s best interest to consult expert business continuity consultants who can build your BCM program at a lower cost and in a fraction of the time regardless of the size of your organization. Typically, BcaaS consultants have years of experience building programs for organizations, from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies. They can identify areas you are doing well in and improve upon those. In addition, they can also find the areas that need to be fine tuned and do that for you.

With Business Continuity as a Service (BcaaS), you will have access to a team of experts, not just an individual. If your organization needs assistance in more than one area but you do not have the time or funds to staff those positions full-time, a BcaaS team can leverage additional resources when needed. With today’s uncertainty and limited budgets, the flexibility and cost savings of BCaaS is quickly becoming the preferred method of sustained organizational resilience.

Fixed Costs vs. Flexibility
With traditional BCM, an organization typically engages in a Statement of Work with the vendor, meaning there are fixed deliverables. While it is possible to make changes to these deliverables, there are generally additional costs associated with any changes. BCaaS provides much-needed flexibility that is required in an ever-changing organization.

Perhaps in January your organization needs to work on business continuity but would like to focus on disaster recovery plans in June. No problem. Your BC consultant will simply will bring in the disaster recovery consultant and push back efforts in business continuity until you are ready to resume.

Benefits of BCM Consulting and Business Continuity as a Service:

  • Resource Pool. Access consultants in business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, emergency management, and cybersecurity with ease.
  • Flexible Pricing. Choose what to focus on and leave the rest for another time when your resources allow. There is no SOW to alter, and no fear of driving up costs.
  • Moving Forward. BCaaS is becoming the new standard for BCM planning in uncertain socioeconomic times.

Contact Virtual Corporation to discuss your business continuity needs and access to our dedicated team to help you plan for the future.

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