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Continuity Insights Management Conference

Human Capital is the combination of ability, behavior, skills and tenure that people bring to an organization. Managing and developing human capital includes all people-related issues that impact a business’ strategic and operational objectives.

During Business Continuity and the Human Factor – Why We Behave the Way We Do and How Do We Plan for the Unexpected, a featured workshop at the Continuity Insights 2019 New York Conference, speakers Robbie Larocca  and Tracy Gkonos of Protinue will stress the critical nature of communicating and exercising plans, timely Communications, and the involvement of Human Resources.

This session will underscore the importance of business resilience professionals understanding human behavior in disasters when designing plans. A traditional business continuity planner looks at four areas for recovery: Data, Facility, 3rd Party Suppliers, and the HUMAN FACTOR… which the presenters assert that none of the other areas matter if you haven’t locked down this piece. The way individuals respond and their thinking in and to a disaster is critical to understand as it differs from normal behavior.  Perception before, during and after event can be critical to business survival.

Business Continuity and the Human Factor – Why We Behave the Way We Do and How Do We Plan for the Unexpected is just one of 16 educational, leadership-based sessions scheduled for the Continuity Insights 2019 New York Conference, taking place on October 21 at the Credit Suisse Conference Center located at 11 Madison Avenue in New York City.

View the official Continuity Insights 2019 New York Conference program and obtain registration information here.

Continuity Insights

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