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Disaster Preparedness Management and Response
Disasters strike without warning. When they do, it’s critical for public sector agencies and companies to have a disaster preparedness management plan in place to effectively respond and recover. They need tried and tested strategies to save lives and reduce damage in any type of emergency.

They need the Business Contingency Group (BCG). As a leading expert on emergency management planning, business contingency, disaster preparedness management, exercises/drills, and international humanitarian assistance, BCG provides governments and businesses with vital insight, plans, and tools to protect their personnel and operations.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What can Businesses and Organizations still do to respond? Even though we are well into the current pandemic crisis, there are still things businesses and organizations can do to more effectively respond and be in a better position for recovery after the crisis slows. And that is planning. It is never too late to develop plans, checklists, strategies, and policies to deal with the current state of the crisis you are facing and to be ready to recover your business or organization going forward. Businesses and organizations can employ many strategies to continue operations while complying with government guidance to mitigate public health risk. Make sure you document the solutions you develop during the crisis for assessment as to effectiveness and for future use.

Here at BCG we have been through past pandemics and have developed pandemic plans, checklists, strategies, and policies that helped our clients through those incidents. To help businesses and organizations navigate this crisis, we are using our experience to offer a low cost and quick solution for implementing updated Pandemic Plans, Checklists, Strategies, and Policies and more robust Crisis Management Plans.

Introducing SafetyCount Pandemic

Manage the risk of COVID-19 at the workplace
SafetyCount Pandemic provides an easy and efficient way to perform daily screening of the COVID-19 exposure risk of your employees, visitors, patients, and contractors. Its automated guidance supports safe and healthful working conditions for employees and aids in the recovery of your operations.

Business Contingency Group is offering two free months of SafetyCount Pandemic to help in Opening Up America Again. There is no obligation to continue past two months; in fact, we don’t even collect payment information when you sign up. After two free months (from date of sign up) costs are $0.25 per person/per month. Enterprise organizations even lower.

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The Business Contingency Group (BCG) provides Comprehensive Disaster/Business Recovery and Emergency Management Planning and Solutions that mitigates the impact of major incidents and guides your organization through the response and recovery process.

WebEOC ST (Surface Transportation)
WebEOC ST (Surface Transportation) is designed to support the Surface Transportation sector. It builds upon the features of WebEOC and adds functionality specifically designed for the Surface Transportation Sector.

The Business Contingency Group (BCG) offers services in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Management. We have worked on projects in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. BCG has worked on various types of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Management projects.



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