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Continuity Insights Management Conference

Breakout Sessions, Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 9:45 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

A9 – What Works: Cisco Services Supply Chain Risk Management       
Don Hall, MBCP, CBCLA, ARMP, Cisco Services Business Continuity Program Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.
This presentation shares Cisco Services’ supplier BC processes highlighting assessment scoping, questions, risk dialogue, metrics, and supporting supplier contracts language. Cisco Services customer support and service supply chain organization implements an effective, practical approach to identifying, prioritizing and managing supplier business continuity (BC) risk using limited resources. Focusing efforts on critical suppliers (aka vendors) enables a small team to address important risks to the organization. Actionable metrics reflect risk reduction efforts and accountability.
A10 – The Evolution of Crisis Management Planning and the Escalation of Threats Facing a Global Media Company             

Paul Arbet, Manager Business Continuity, CBCP, MBA, and Jeffrey Gilbert, Chief Security Officer, Turner

With today’s global political and social unrest, Turner’s News and Entertainment brands routinely face threats to the business as well as to its employees. These can range from boisterous protests and intimidation against employees to more clandestine calculated actions intended to harm our operations. Given that Turner’s Business Continuity Management group owns Crisis Management, it has become our responsibility, in partnership with our Corporate Security colleagues, to lead those efforts that anticipate, respond to and, in best cases, prevent those actions that trigger a crisis declaration. Join us as we share Turner’s approach to mitigating risk though our Crisis Management Plan framework. 
B7 – Pain, Problems, and Possibilities: The Adaptive BC Manifesto         
Dr. David LindstedtDavid Lindstedt, Founder, Readiness Analytics
You may not have heard of the Adaptive BC Manifesto, but it was formed in response to the pain and problems we all face as BC professionals. We lack executive support; participants are not engaged; we cannot demonstrate our value; and we are too heavily focused on documentation and compliance. But there is hope! Come learn an alternative approach that incorporates proven practices from Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, Motivation 3.0, the Growth Mindset, and other related disciplines. Get a fresh perspective on your practice and experience new possibilities in preparedness with this interactive and engaging session. Participants work together to identify current pain points in the profession. 
C7 – Seven Steps to Building a Rock Solid Resilient Enterprise
Tejas Katwala, CEO & Co-Founder, Continuity Logic
This presentation will detail the seven steps that every organization can take to build a resilient enterprise. From evaluating your current state using best practices and industry standards to implementing a continuous resilience improvement plan, this will deliver practical steps and takeaways that you can use in your organization today. 
C8 – Simplifying Crisis Management and Business Continuity Development for the Medium-Sized Company
Grace Burley, Managing Partner, Strategic Crisis Advisors
For a medium-sized company, the challenge of developing and maintaining crisis management and business continuity programs can be overwhelming. While large companies have the resources and bandwidth for development of these programs independently, most medium-sized companies do not. In many ways, medium-sized companies have an often overlooked advantage over their larger counterparts: agility and inherent cross-functionality. In this session, we will discuss how the medium-sized company can simplify and streamline the development and maintenance of their programs. The presentation will include real life examples and clear guidelines to assist risk managers integrate two key elements of your enterprise risk program. 
G4 – Millennials: The Future of Business Continuity
Jeremy Gudgeon, Vanguard, Moderator 
Panelists: Vanessa Vaughn, Asfalis; Larissa Paschyn, Amgen; Michael Bratton, Avalution
As our industry matures, the forerunners of Continuity Management are positioned well to begin empowering the next generation of BCM professionals. This select panel of experienced and ambitious millennial professionals will share their thoughts and experiences related to Business Continuity as a career. Focusing on a new generation in the workforce: How can communication channels change? How do we create a positive environment where all constituents flourish? How best do we execute this institutional knowledge transfer? Focusing on the nature of BCM roles: How do we hire, train, manage, and retain millennial talent? How can I make a career out of BCM? What aspects of BCM can we highlight to attract talent? Please come with your questions for this highly interactive session.
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