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Continuity Insights Management Conference

Breakout Sessions, Monday, April 23, 2018, 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A7 – Implementing a Global Travel Security Program at T. Rowe Price
Blaise D’Ambrosio, Global Business Continuity Manager, T. Rowe Price
T Rowe Price recently implemented a global Travel Security program utilizing a leading in industry vendor. Attendees will learn the good and the not so good of the planning and implementation process. The session will cover criteria used to determine that a program was required, a brief and agnostic discussion of the available 3rd party providers, and a review of the protocols for our various travel security related incidents such as, medical emergencies, “high risk location” travel, high casualty international events, and executive flight concentration. Also covered will be a review of the vendor’s tools, the communication campaign, and what to expect when you “Go Live.” 
A8 – A Roadmap to Improving Your BCMS Capabilities

Lynnda Nelson, President, ICOR
IGT is the world’s leading end-to-end gaming company, with its holding company headquarters in the UK, with operating headquarters in Italy; Nevada, and Rhode Island. IGT provides the gaming industry with proven solutions for gaming, lottery, interactive, and social, through every channel across the spectrum, including retail, web, and mobile. Take a journey with IGT as they share how they improved their business continuity capabilities over the past three years by conducting a gap analysis of their alignment to ISO 22301 and became certified to ISO 22301. 

B5 – Bridging the Gap Between Malicious Threat Awareness and Business Continuity Response              
Brandon Tanner, Senior Manager, Rentsys Recovery Services, Rick Phillips, Stickley on Security
With malicious threats such as ransomware continually in the news, it’s hard to deny the reality that cybersecurity is one of the top issues facing businesses today. Planners often fall short in ensuring employees are properly trained on cybersecurity best practices and often don’t always have the technical knowledge required to engage IT personnel and support them during an attack. This session will provide guidance for incorporating cybersecurity into your business continuity program. You’ll receive tips for training employees in security roles, defining information security needs and creating strong security policies.   
B6 – Why You Need a Holistic Approach to Managing Critical Events   
Imad Mouline, CTO, Everbridge
While critical events have become more frequent, more complex, and costly to businesses, organizations’ plans and processes have remained surprisingly siloed and constrained by an inability to holistically manage the lifecycle of a critical event—from assessment, to communication, to analysis. This session will discuss how security and IT managers can combine communication systems, incident management systems and threat visualization tools to empower critical event management, improving the way that they identify risks, communicate through an Integrated Security Operations Center to help keep their businesses safe and operating during critical events. 
C6 –Documenting an Exercise            
Monica Goldstein, CEO, RecoveryPlanner
Knowing how to plan and prepare all the documents for a Business Continuity exercise is fundamental to a successful exercise. In this session we will review designing and documenting a Business Continuity Table-top Exercise. Gartner says that the prep work for an exercise is approximately 60% of an Exercise. So what are you prepping? The U.S. federal government Frameworks, like NIST and NIMS, give examples of the documents to prepare but it may not be relatable or clear to the user. This session will review the information that needs to be in the documentation of an Exercise. We will provide each participant with a document that gives them guidance on exercise documentation and during the session they will work on their own Exercise Documentation.  
G3 – The Case for Developing Organizational Resilience Capability
Mark Carroll, Income Research, Moderator (Panel TBA)
Out of the box thinking and taking creative, innovative actions to address those ideas are a few of the keys to developing the capability for organizational resilience. Attendees will learn of and discuss examples of creative and innovative actions taken to improve the resilience capability of the organizations profiled. This session will consist of a series of five to seven minute presentations by various practitioners on innovative approaches that have been taken to enhance organizational resilience capability that were neither intuitive nor obvious and the capabilities that have been put in place. The session will include a brief Q&A with the practitioners profiled.
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