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Behavioral Risk Management in the Contemporary Workplace

Current events are stirring strong emotions in our homes, the community, and the workplace. There are strong attitudes and beliefs on either side of many of today’s pressing social, political, and economic issues. Contemporary organizations strive for inclusion and diversity—not simply in terms of demographics, but in attitudes, opinions, and ways of thinking. Diverse attitudes and beliefs can be a two-edged sword. An employee’spassion for a belief or cause might manifest itself as a real commitment to their employer or a project, but it can also create friction, erode workforce cohesion, and consume valuable resources when dealing with conflict.

Left unchecked, extreme beliefs can not only threaten cohesion and productivity, they can compromise safety and raise the risk of disruptive behaviors, even violence. In this polarized and adversarial climate, it will be important for leaders to recognize and respond to the possibility of extremism and conflict in the workplace.

Join in on Wednesday, April 12 at 1:00 PM ET to explore this topic, as well as approaches to managing extreme attitudes, beliefs, and behavior in the workplace. Learn more and register today at


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