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Whether or not you believe in making resolutions, it is that time of the season when we start thinking about the positive changes we can make to improve our lifestyle and increase our resiliency in the new year. Of course, the same can be said of our Business Continuity Programs. Is one of your resolutions to build a more successful BCP?

Industry subject matter expert Kathleen Lucey, FBCI, president of Montague Risk Management and the founding President of the BCI USA Chapter, has compiled a four-step approach to building a more successful BC program, which she recently discussed in this post written for the Disaster Resource Guide.

From harnessing the power of the people to knowing where your key people live to building and using repeatable processes, and finally, ensuring that logistics and support teams work, she outlines the four key concepts she employs to build a successful BCP. Read her full post via the Disaster Resource Guide.

Continuity Insights

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