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With new risks and disruptions rapidly evolving, organizational resilience in today’s businesses is becoming a key consideration of top management. Addressing these concerns, The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has announced release of the North America Next Practice Group’s latest report Investing In Resilience.

Investing in resilience is vital in combating future changes, unexpected shifts and new and unforeseen challenges. Organizational resilience must be valued across multiple disciplines to ensure an operational business, regardless of what is happening around us.

This report explores the concept of organizational resilience and provides a foundational understanding of what investing in resilience means to an organization, including:

  • What resilience is and why invest in it?
  • How resilience impacts business continuity/disaster recovery and related activities
  • Considerations for investing in resilience
  • The value of investing in resilience
  • Measuring the success of an investment in resilience
  • Case studies
  • Survey results and a summary.

The full report can be downloaded at website.

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