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BCI Introduces Two New Award Categories

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The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has introduced two exciting categories to its annual BCI Awards – Collaboration in Resilience and Continuity and Resilience Contributor. The BCI Awards are among the most prestigious in the industry, celebrating the achievements of the most successful Business Continuity and Resilience professionals around the world, recognizing the hard work and efforts of leaders in the industry.

These new categories emphasize the way in which resilience is heading. They award the breaking down of silos between different departments and communities, enabling the importance of Business Continuity and Resilience to be understood, to achieve the end goal, a more resilient world.

By introducing these new categories – both of which are voted for by judges instead of industry peers – the awards focus more on how Business Continuity and Resilience professionals have enhanced resilience throughout communities.

The BCI Collaboration in Resilience Award will recognize organizations that have achieved a high level of resilience through a collaboration of disciplines, and how these disciplines have been integrated in to the organization and community.

The BCI Continuity and Resilience Contributor Award has replaced the Industry Personality Category and focuses on how an individual has contributed to the Business Continuity and Resilience community, their local community or other professional institutes.

Entering the BCI Awards is free, and you can enter as many different categories as you would like, increasing your chance of becoming a winner.

Winning a prestigious BCI award comes with many benefits. Your professional reputation and profile will be raised within the Business Continuity and Resilience industry, and you will be automatically nominated for the BCI Global Awards.

Winning one of the BCI Awards can also open new opportunities, including promotions and even new job positions. Learn more here.

In related news, nominations for the BCI Americas Awards 2020 are now open and will close on February 24, 2020. Winners will be announced at the Continuity Insights Management Conference in San Antonio, TX on April 19, 2020. More information on submitting entries can be found here.

Continuity Insights

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