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BCI Good Practices Guidelines Update Underway

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) is inviting applications from members (CBCI, DBCI, AMBCI, MBCI, and FBCI) who are interested in helping in the GPG 2023 update project. Successful applicants will join the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) or one of the Working Groups (WG) set up for the project to update Good Practice Guidelines 2018 Edition.

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
The “Technical Advisory Group” (TAG) will be a group of 8 members who will advise the BCI on the Technical Scope of the project and final technical content of GPG 2023. Members of TAG will not have any commercial association with the BCI e.g., be a Licensed Training Partner or LTP-associated Approved Instructor*.

Six TAG members will also lead one of the six “Working Groups” as the “Working Group Leader.” One TAG member will be the Leader of TAG, and the eighth will be the Editor-In-Chief. The TAG Leader will be responsible for ensuring that delivery deadlines of tasks allocated to them, and any member of TAG are met.

The Editor-In-Chief will provide the final approval for the technical content of GPG 2023 under advisement of the TAG members and its Leader.

Working Groups (WGs)
Six working groups will be set up to work on designated areas of the GPG, based on the scope and guidance brief provided by the TAG and BCI.

Working groups will be led by the Working Group Leader and will have up to four other BC practitioners. Working Group Leaders will be responsible for ensuring that delivery deadlines of tasks allocated to them, and any member of their Working Group are met.

Previous authors of the current sections of GPG 2018 Edition are welcome to work on each of the respective groups as members.

Get more information on this BCI initiative here.

*The BCI will provide existing training partners and instructors an opportunity to give feedback and comments on each section of GPG 2018 and recommend changes based on their experience of communicating the content in the classroom. These will be shared with TAG for consideration.

If you have any further question about any of the roles, please contact

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