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BCI Crisis Management Report 2021

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has announced that the first ever BCI Crisis Management Report is now available to download. The report was sponsored in partnership with International SOS.

The BCI Crisis Management report focuses on the emerging crisis management trends brought to the forefront after COVID-19. The centralization of key strategic processes along with the ability to communicate these processes through layers of central, regional, and country level teams was the key to a successful crisis management structure.

The report shows how a more collaborative approach to crisis and staff health & wellbeing are now considered as an integral part of a crisis response; indicating that many organizations have realixed that without healthy staff – who are fully engaged and have good channels of communication – a response is much less likely to be effective.

Technology was also a major part of many organizations’ response strategy. It has been labelled as crucial for an effective and quick response to remote working, communication and exercising.

The report also includes the top twelve keys to a successful response. Download the report here.

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