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Avalution Consulting Releases Control+Comply Feature for Catalyst Business Continuity Software

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Business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting services and software solutions provider Avalution Consulting has announced the official release of its Catalyst Control+Comply. The new feature enables business continuity, information security, and risk management program managers, as well as others with compliance responsibility, to automate and drive efficiency into their compliance measurement efforts – without the hassle, complexity, and cost typically associated with an enterprise GRC tool.

“Business continuity, information security, compliance, and risk management program managers must navigate a wide range of standards, best practices, and regulatory requirements, and then confidently address any vulnerabilities that might affect the organization’s ability to meet stakeholder expectations,” stated Brian Zawada, Avalution’s Managing Director and Chief Visionary Officer.

“To help alleviate the stress of juggling so many requirements, Catalyst Control+Comply helps organize, assess, and manage what we’ve termed ‘families of controls’ to address multiple overlapping obligations that are common in today’s risk landscape. Through documenting controls and managing testing conclusions, Catalyst summarizes compliance obligations in the most pragmatic manner possible while providing meaningful and actionable insights into our clients’ risk level and compliance status.”

Catalyst Control+Comply Overview:

  • Compliance Dashboard: Enables users to quickly obtain a summary of control implementation status and the results of testing, allowing the person responsible for compliance to drill down into the data to take appropriate action.
  • Compliance Standards: Allows the organization to upload the entirety of its obligations into Catalyst, including regulatory requirements, standards, policies, customer contracts, and service level agreements.
  • Relationship Mapping: Provides a visual drag-and-drop method to map controls to one or more requirements, with a visual summarization. Controls and test results also map to the organization’s products, services, and resources – enabling the user to understand the impact associated with gaps and performance issues.
  • Controls Testing: Allows a user to document the results of a design or operational test, summarize the testing status (pass/fail), and open a corrective action when necessary.

More information on Catalyst Control+Comply is available here.

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