2020 Wildfire Season Outlook and How to Prepare Your Employees and Business

By Agility Recovery: Wildfire Season Risk, Outlook and Facts: A Wildfire season typically aligns with times when there’s an excess of dry fuels, winds and temperatures are above average, and humidity is low, which creates hot, dry conditions. Wildfire season also varies from one region to another. While there are wildfire hot zones, every

R3 Continuum Launches Emotional Comfortability Index to Gauge Stress Levels Across the United States

R3 Continuum (R3c) has announced the launch of its new Emotional Comfortability Index (ECI) that measures the current stress levels of the states in comparison to one another. The index gives employers a tool to monitor and assess potential organizational, behavioral, security, and crisis support needs based on workplace locations. Updated

Email Phishing Scams Continue Hitting New Lows

With the current pandemic and the ongoing civil unrest, cyber criminals have demonstrated once again that they’ll use any available opportunity to snare unsuspecting citizens. And not only do they willfully exploit these events, they have accelerated their attacks to historic levels. The SoS Daily News.com warns that not knowing what

Cyber Resilience: A Crucial Component of the Stay-At-Home World

With today’s ever-rising threat of cyber criminality, especially in the rise in severity and frequency of ransomware attacks, and with a significant segment of the global workforce conducting business from home due to the Coronavirus, IT systems and data center operations, a foundational piece of infrastructure, remains vulnerable. Writing for the

TierPoint Announces Seattle Data Center Expansion Plan

TierPoint, a leading provider of secure, connected data center and cloud solutions at the edge of the internet, continues to grow its footprint as it announced plans to expand its state-of-the-art data center in Seattle’s KOMO Plaza. The nearly 18,000 sq. ft. expansion will include new raised floor, office and support