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Assurance Software to Help Ensure Resiliency for Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank has selected business continuity management and disaster recovery software and services provider Assurance Software and its suite of business continuity applications to help ensure the resiliency for the newly formed banking enterprise.

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank was established as the world’s first digitally-enabled trade bank. The new bank will utilize leading-edge technologies to offer client-centric trade banking services to a broad range of corporate clients to dramatically reduce costs, risks and improve efficiencies in the financing of trade. Headquartered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) financial center with additional offices to follow, Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank will facilitate trade between the Middle East, Asia and the UK.

“Advanced technologies are the foundation for our ground-breaking approach to global trade banking,” said Bill Ashlock, Chief Technology Officer of Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank. “For anyone who has been through a business continuity event, technology plays a critical role in managing and mitigating the potential impact for our clients. With Assurance Software we found an innovative suite of software applications which provides the foundation for our business resiliency initiatives.”

“We are honored to support Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank in their multi-national, industry-disruptive mission to simplify and improve the accessibility of trade banking services through collaborative technology, data and a growing ecosystem,” said Craig Potts, CEO of Assurance Software. “Ensuring business resiliency will be a key component of their success as they define a new model for global trade banking and we will serve as their go-to partner for all their business continuity needs.”

For more information visit Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank.

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